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Flash programmer/e-Learning developer
******** User Technology division (Company name withheld to protect the innocent)
********, ********* (May 2003 – present)

  • Create Web-based and stand-alone applications for product demonstrations, marketing programs and e-learning applications for ******** employees and IT professionals.
  • Use Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and Director, Electric Rain’s Swift3D, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Sonic Foundry Acid and SoundForge, and third-party
  • ActionScript editors to create training and demonstration programs for intranet and external Web use.
  • Work with in-house designers and writers to develop and program applications according to the wishes and specifications of ******** and third-party clients

Chief of Product Development/Online Marketing
ExtraPress Inc.
Raleigh, North Carolina (July 2000 – May 2003)

  • Lead and assist developers in the creation, improvement and maintenance of Web-based publishing solutions and accompanying online and printed documentation, marketing materials and Web site promotions aimed at small- to medium-size community newspapers. Help smaller companies publish online editions without increasing their technical staff.
  • Provide contract-based editorial, marketing and technical assistance for third-party clients in publishing and marketing fields.
  • Create and maintain Flash and DHTML demonstrations and advertisements, technical reference documents, online Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) pages, and provide both written and verbal support solutions for existing and prospective customers.
  • Create applications using Flash 4/5/MX, PHP 3/4, JavaScript/DHTML and Perl (5.003 and above). Also develop "helper applications" to allow remote editing, wireless content access, online payment/subscription systems, user authentication and general-purpose file transfer. Depending upon the platform required by the client, helper applications are created using Perl, Perl/Tk, GTK/Perl, PHP, Java, AppleScript and other Open Source technologies.
  • Establish, administer and maintain Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) repositories to ensure version control for both stand-alone and Web-based applications under development by in-house and external programmers, designers, writers and artists.
  • Extensive use of Macromedia Flash and DreamWeaver; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat; Corel Draw; Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and DHTML.

Lead Software Developer
AwayMed Inc.
Cary, North Carolina (January 2000 – August 2000)

  • Led development team in creation of Web-based Physician’s Portal to serve as gateway for orthopedic practice managers to access AwayMed and partner applications and online content.
  • Leveraged Open-Source Web technologies (Linux, Apache, Perl, PHP and MySQL) to set up, develop and maintain corporate and consumer Web site and proprietary Web technologies at (now defunct).
  • Led programmers in the development and maintenance of CGI, JavaScript, Flash demonstrations and Apache module-based applications (e.g., the AwayMed "Information Prescription") for the delivery of physician-approved patient information via the World Wide Web.
  • Set up Microsoft Windows 98/NT staging and development Web servers for in-house creation of the AwayMed Web site and kiosk-based patient-information network.
  • Developed Web-based tools for remote software installation, daily administration and monitoring of a growing net-based kiosk system.
  • Extensive use of Macromedia Flash and DreamWeaver; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat; Corel Draw; Perl, PHP, JavaScript and DHTML.

Open-Source Developer Portal Editor
IBM developerWorks Web portal
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (Summer, 1999)

  • Collected, edited and published white papers, tutorials and other content for IBM Web portal ( aimed at Open-Source technology developers.
  • Helped develop and implement sitewide style guidelines to ensure each online article remained consistent, attractive and useful to Web professionals visiting the site.
  • Worked with other editors, Web developers and technology professionals during beta tests and public launch phases of developing Web site.

Creative Director/Owner
The New Studio
Morehead City, North Carolina (Oct. 1995-Feb. 1998)
Raleigh, North Carolina (Feb. 1998-Jan. 2000)

  • Turned freelance graphic design "side job" into full-time business with two-member staff and several freelance artists on call.
  • In addition to The New Studio’s own website,, also developed and maintained corporate-presence sites for Tri-Stanna Industries, Leader Home Sales Inc., MasonArt, Encore Music and Bitter Pills greeting cards (among others).
  • Develop World Wide Web-based applications for public and corporate use. Projects include automated online newspapers (e.g., The Wilson Daily Times’, real-time discussion forums and self-updating weather reports.
  • Write, design and edit newspaper advertisements, promotional fliers, online publications, catalogues and other marketing devices for growing number of clients. Work extensively with Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker, Illustrator and Pagemill; Quark XPress; Corel Draw; Macromedia Freehand, DreamWeaver and Flash (Then known as FutureSplash); and several other applications.
  • Write, revise and edit corporate and personal documents for a variety of single-shot and long-term clients.

City Editor
The Wilson Daily Times
Wilson, North Carolina (April 1993-October 1995)

  • Supervised six staff writers, one photographer and a newsroom secretary/librarian in the collection and reporting of local trends, issues and events. Assigned long-term and breaking stories while ensuring their timely completion. The Daily Times featured an average of 3-4 full pages of local copy each day.
  • Edited local copy for interest, grammar, style and accuracy of fact. Provided feedback to staff writers while encouraging continuous improvement.
  • Designed front and local inside pages using copy, photos and graphics.
  • Created freehand and computer-based graphics for use throughout the newspaper. The Wilson Daily Times earned first place for its entry in the self-promotional category of the N.C. Press Association’s advertising awards. The eight-page special edition featured several of my designs.
  • Answered questions and provided other information to staff, management, other departments and the public.
  • Extensive use of Aldus/Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Health Reporter
The Wilson Daily Times
Wilson, North Carolina (December 1991-April 1993)

  • Developed articles concerning events and trends within local health and medical communities, social service agencies and non-profit organizations.
  • Mastered principles of 35mm photography and page layout.
  • Created freehand and computer-based graphics (using Corel Draw, PageMaker, Aldus Freehand, Quark Express, Illustrator and other MS-DOS, Windows and Macintosh graphic software) to accompany articles and introduce special tab sections.
  • Edited and designed weekly religion pages.


  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • B.A. in Journalism/Advertising, May 1991

      Academic honors include:

  • James M. Johnston Scholarship (4 years)
  • UNC Undergraduate Honors Program

References/Work samples available upon request.


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  1. VeryVito..

    Hi Tim,

    I came accross your site while searching for some actionsript help…

    I’m located in Greenville NC – near virtually no web development community and I’m stuck trying
    to sort out some actionscript within a client’s template based site.

    I’m somewhat familiar with Flash, thought I’d to find my way through this thing, so far it’s been a struggle.

    One issue is that I need to move a movie clip (within a clip, that refers to another
    clip…). I roughly see what the paths refer to, but they obviously they break once I move ’em.

    There are other aspects of the site I’d like help on, just let me know if it’s somethingyou’d be willing to get involved in.

    Thanks, Ray

    HERE IS A BIT OF A SAMPLE – I need to find out specifically how to have this reference
    the new locations:

    on (rollOver) {
    on (releaseOutside, rollOut) {
    on (release) {
    if (_root.i6 and _root.flag1 == 1) {
    _root.i = 6;
    _root.flag1 = 0;

  2. Good morning, we are currently looking for a consultant with Macromedia Flash Web Development experience for a project in CA.
    This will be a 6 months to a year project in CA (on site)
    The candidate must have 5 plus years experience.

    Please let me know if you are interested, or maybe you can recommend someone who is.

  3. I am currently looking for someone to help with a project I have. It involves developing a database application through a Flash interface for an eLearning Game for a local company.
    I would be interested in discussing this with you.

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