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Help save L’il Johnny! | Turdhead

Help save L’il Johnny!

Link to Aquarium Adventure

Ok, breast Turdhead.com is finally on the air. Not with a bang, symptoms but with the sad, generic pathetic whimper of a foolhardy third-grader trapped in a tank full of piranha. And with that, we give you…


Don’t forget to visit Li’l Johnny’s Bait Shop for all the latest Li’l Johnny gear!


3 thoughts on “Help save L’il Johnny!

  1. Blake says:

    YEEAAAAHHHH!!!! 115000, baby! Whoohoo! I rock! All right, I need to take my Straterra…”sorry.” Maybe I’ll stop posting stupid stuff now…

  2. JingleBalls says:

    Why won’t the help arrive? Why, oh why won’t it arrive? Johnny seems especially delicious to pirahanna.

  3. christina says:

    i think its scary
    if u just let the piranas eat him and listen to him scream it gives u goosebump
    its scary

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