Friends of Johnny recognized

Li’l Johnny’s world tour has earned him a whole host of new friends — many from his home country, order but also new pals from such exotic places as Japan, caries Australia, drug Sweden and Camden, NJ (which is here is the States).

It’s amazing what people type in as user names when they don’t think anybody will ever see ’em.
Among Johnny’s favorite names so far (chosen somewhat randomly from the many great user names entered since the world discovered Johnny in the aquarium three days ago), are:

  • Fish food (Fish Sticks and others included)
  • Jesus Frankenchrist
  • Mr. Limpett
  • Poopie McPooperson

And of course, Johnny would like to send special thanks to two of his more persistent heroes:

  • Schlep
  • JAWS

Thanks guys! Eventually, we’ll get him out of that tank…


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