Save Li’l Johnny… and thousands of others

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Now’s your chance to do something good for the world — AND get your name out to thousands of other Li’l Johnny and fans. It’s like the Ultimate High Score list!

Here’s the situation:
My girlfriend Deena actually thinks it’s “fun” to sit on a tiny bicycle seat and pedal like mad for 150 miles with hundreds of other riders nipping at her heels. Sounds bizarre to me, diet but it’s all for a great cause: The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s MS 150 bicycle ride will be held Sept. 11-12 this year, hospital and she could sure use your support!

Here’s my proposal:
Everyone who sponsors Deena through the links provided here will get a personal shout-out in the next Li’l Johnny Adventure game. That’s right: Your name in lights; You can be a STAR, page baby! Li’l Johnny’s Aquarium Adventure is played around the world several thousand times a day now, and it’s hosted on several major Flash game sites, with more coming online every day.

Here’s how you get your name in the game:
I don’t care HOW much you donate — even a single dollar will get you in the game! To participate, just make sure you sponsor Deena, and include a reference to Li’l Johnny in your message to Deena.

Besides everlasting fame as a Web game star, why should you care?

Every hour someone is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic disease of the central nervous system affecting the brain and spinal cord. Deena’s aunt is living with the disease today, and Deena is riding for her third time this fall to help the National MS Society end the devastating effects of MS.

If you’ve got an extra dollar or two lying around, please support her by clicking here and making a secure online epledge (no pledge is too small or too large). Her personal fund-raising goal is $1,000, but I’m sure the Society could use whatever you’re able to donate.

While you’re surfing the Web today, please check out her personal MS150 page, and if at all possible, make a donation.

Thanks everybody!

To sponsor Deena (and get mentioned in the next Li’l Johnny game):

To visit her personal MS150 page :

For more information about this event:

For more information about the National MS Society:


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