Li’l Johnny a trojan? Not hardly.

I’ve received several emails lately claiming that our beloved Li’l Johnny was trying to install something nasty on peoples machines. Obviously, treatment I was stumped — until a few minutes ago, medic when someone sent me a message saying that the bug was listed as “Exploit-InvCSS” (an IE stylesheet bug documented here:

Now I have to laugh, visit this but I’ve grudgingly changed the system so this doesn’t become an issue. As it was, this “feature” — which is caused by a malformed stylesheet being sent to IE — only presented itself when a user attempted to access the high-score server WITHOUT running the Li’l Johnny swf (i.e., they were trying to hack the high-score system! That is, they were cheating. And they got caught. And they wet themselves like frightened little girls.).

It was just one more line of defense against would-be high-score hackers: It does nothing more than close their browser, and ONLY when they’re up to something they shouldn’t be. Real or not, however, doesn’t want to be associated with trojans, and I’ve removed the offending code.

It’s sad that McAffee would call this a trojan, as it has no security implications and is really just a Microsoft bug. And a darn good deterrent against the casual high-score hacker.

Thanks for the note, players! Rest assured there never WAS a trojan, and even the ‘bug’ has been fixed.

So much for fair play…


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