“You must not take hurrying shut this information!”

WARNING: Although I HAD to show you www.partypokeronline.org, gerontologist I heartily recommend NOT clicking anywhere on the page itself. If you do, medicine the idiot spammers behind it will try to download an executable file on your Windows system, and given the demonstrated intelligence of the page’s creators and promoters, I wouldn’t count on it being legitimate.

That said… Want a good laugh?

By attempting to enter bogus comments that have NOTHING to do with the subjects at hand, these mooks have been spamming Turdhead.com for days now, hoping to lure its readers to their “Ultra Excellent” www.partypokeronline.org web site, which features… well, REALLY bad English — and what I can only assume to be financial ruin and possible viral infection.

My first reaction to getting dozens of unwanted, unsolicited and unintelligent “comments” from these chuckleheads was the usual rage and disgust that I always get when being spammed (believe me, I hate it; I change email addresses more frequently than many people change clothes). But while researching the culprits behind the spam, I decided at long last to visit the site itself. And now I’m a true fan!

These people have taken stupidity, illiteracy and internet fraud and raised it to the level of an art form. After all, according to the creators, “Party poker online is the primary good for pleasure true in live!”

And I believe it!

The strangest quote: “The really best way to acquire cash is come onto poker tables…”

Erm… I’m pretty sure that’ll get you kicked out of most casinos.

Funny or not, however, I have to say that the site’s use of blog spamming is reprehensible, and I do hope that whoever is responsible for this “marketing by bandwidth theft” soon contracts a screaming case of syphilis and dies horribly (They also used other domain names that resolve to the same server,, but they weren’t nearly as hilarious). They wanted free publicity; here it is.

And I hope any sites that allow themselves to be associated with these guys (like, say, oh, 888Casino.com, with whom their affiliate ID is 505463, or empirepoker.com, ID No. 1710078) will set them straight.

In the meantime, however, I DO hope they’ll keep writing that extra ultra winning copy!

Addendum: I almost forgot the earlier spamming attempts on behalf of http://www.party-poker-player.com, too. This site, although not funny at all, was featured in blog spam attempting to link us to its site, which claimed to be affiliated with PartyPoker.com, which… um, spends way too much money on television advertising to want to be associated with the type of scum that would steal bandwidth to advertise their sites. Hmmph.


5 thoughts on ““You must not take hurrying shut this information!””

  1. I happenned to see your post at wordpress support forum and followed it here, someone must have just written a script for that website to target wp users, our wordpress sites got hit badly too. Still it’s better not linking to these spammer sites on your page, since their objective is to get higher google page ranks (by gettting “linked to” from other sites) rather than having people clicking on those links. To fightback you can try linking to pagerank gobbling sites like chongqed.org using the spammer’s favorite keywords… Happy gaming. 🙂

  2. Excellent tip. Thanks! And just to let people know — I’ve changed the URLs above, so you’ll have to type in the partypokeronline URL yourself to get it to work. Sorry! On the other hand, what the heck — I’ll go ahead and post all the comments from these spammers, too; complete with chongqed URLs. So now Turdhead.com officially has its first blog spam-trap (i.e., this article).

  3. Hi. Just found your page in Google and wanted to thank you for all the links to chongqed.org.

    With one casion spammer a couple people have had success emailing the site or the site they are affiliated with, telling them to stop spamming your site. They may have no problem spamming in general, but apparently they think that stopping if asked makes spamming ok. I would use a throw away email address though just in case they are email spammers too. And of course no guarantees it will work.

    A couple things I would like to ask, could you make the “these mooks” link above not a link instead of linking to us? I know its left over from when you were linking to the spammer, but it looks like your talking about us. Also, we always leave the www off when linking to our main site, being consistant helps increase our PageRank for that URL to fight spammers better. You may also want to link to the specific pages for a spammer that really bugs you on spammers.chongqed.org

    I hope your spam problem gets better.

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