ActionScript Jabberwocky whiffles into USA Today

The ActionScript Jabberwocky has struck again: Apparently the once-rare “ActionScript geek/Jabberwocky fan” is now so common that even mainstream media outlets are sending traffic this way.

While perusing the log files of tonight, viagra I noticed an unusual amount of traffic (as in “any traffic”) coming from USA Today’s online edition. My natural thought was that we’d made a blip on an open forum somewhere, but holy crap… It turns out we made the newspaper’s “Hot Sites” section in its Thursday online edition!

Take a look! There’s listed right up there with meaty sites from and I was surprised enough last month when Slashdot found us worth mentioning, but I’m flat-out flabbergasted that the decidedly more general USA Today has taken notice of something previously confined to the world of the Flash geek.

I dare say this sites’ 15 minutes of fame are now in overtime. All I can say is thank goodness for ActionScript, and thank goodness for Lewis Carroll!

And thanks, of course, to the Hot Sites support staff. To see what they have to say about the ActionScript Jabberwocky, check out their site:

[shameful plug]
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3 thoughts on “ActionScript Jabberwocky whiffles into USA Today”

  1. Perhaps you should try your hand at a Vogon poetry generator. Then, yes then we would have something truly useful.

  2. I’ve never heard of it before, but I’m sure Vogon poetry — once properly generated — is just sublemon. Whatever. Hey — what were those moose doing..?

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