So far, owes me $27,000 now has a new advertising policy that we hope will better serve our friends in the spamming community. In the past, tadalafil we’ve simply deleted unsolicited advertising from our comments section, website like this but apparently, this has not hampered the spamming community from keeping us busy, regardless. Thus, beginning today, we will glady store and publish ALL commercial messages submitted to our comments board for the reasonable fee of $1,000 per message per day.

Keep in mind that submission of unsolicited commercial advertising constitutes acceptance of this new policy, and billing will commence upon acceptance — NOT upon publication, which will commence only once payment is recieved.

To protect our readers from such nuisance advertising, we will also make every effort to collect on this debt, as we cannot afford to provide storage space for unsolicited ads or provide a free advertising service for cheap, unscrupulous and/or ass-brained Web spam operators (such as those submitting spam for, and several other companies).

Happy holidays, and we look forward to servicing you hard!

–The management

(Of course, valid non-commercial comments are always free and welcome!)

ADDENDUM: This new system works great! Apparently, the folks at have decided it’s worth more than $40,000 for them to advertise on As soon as they pay their bill, we look forward to “unhiding” their important messages, too!

ADDENDUM x 2: To see how this spam crap is affecting others, too, take a look at the following blogs as well:

LordAlex ‘s MX Blog


23 thoughts on “So far, owes me $27,000”

  1. This was supposed to be an advertising message about, but the owners of the site have not paid their advertising fees with us. Therefore, we cannot recommend the spammers at to anyone.

  2. These people totally suck butt crack! Yeah, I’m talking to YOU, online party poke-wads. You got a problem with me? You best be talkin’ to the stabber!

  3. this is stupid

    Editor’s Note: Yes, I agree whole-heartedly. It is stupid that I have to spend 85% of my maintenance time sorting through unwanted spam just to run a halfway-decent community site. This site is not intended to be a crusade against spam; I have better things to do.

    But it’s also stupid that there is no useful legislation against such crimes, and it’s also stupid that the only non-automated comment I’ve received so far is from someone trying to promote But at least it wasn’t a machine.

  4. It’s also stupid that we need legislation to level punitive damages against those bottom-feeding fapwads in the first place: if people, as a rule, didn’t suck, then it wouldn’t be an issue in the first place. But people do, hence the need to break out the ski masks and baseball bats from time to time. If humankind were inherently good, there would be no such thing as spam. Except for the Hormel kind: that stuff’s just tasty.

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