Please Macromedia, don’t do it!

Say it ain’t so, sickness Macromedia!

You’ve built a great development platform (Macromedia Flash MX 2004) with amazing market penetration, eczema and I (along with hundreds of other Flash and ActionScript programmers, buy cialis bloggers and fans) have been singing your praises, doing my best to add “legitimacy” to the role of the ActionScript programmer/Flash developer in a world of Java, C++ and other uber-geeks who scowl at the thought of Flash being considered “serious business.” In the last two years, you’ve made great strides in changing the business world’s view of Flash from that of a “banner ad maker” to that of a true Rich Internet Application (RIA) development platform.

And now this.

Some idiot (I’d like to be more forgiving, but I believe this decision had to have been made by an idiot) at Macromedia has decided to allow the “packaging” of the company’s free Flash player — the building block on which the company’s (and my) RIA dreams are built — with third-party tools of dubious value (no offense to Yahoo, who owns the particular tools in question, but this just smacks of the start of worse things to come). In other words, at a time when people are running to cover and doing their best to avoid spyware, viruses and unnecessary background processes, Macromedia has apparently decided it’s a good idea to start pushing irrelevant and unwanted downloads to its growing corporate customer base. What’s next? Cydoor and Gator wallet?

Right now the offer to “get more than you bargained for” only seems to affect people using Windows and Internet Explorer (I know, shock!), but it stills doesn’t bode well. has more information on the disaster in progress, feel free to read up on it there, and then be sure to head over to Macromedia’s Web site and let them know what you think of the idea, too.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna brush up on my SVG and Processing skills…

— VeryVito

[Edit: A followup to this article was later posted here.]


6 thoughts on “Please Macromedia, don’t do it!”

  1. I agree with your complaint about bundled garbage. But “great development platform”? No way. Flash is the worst development environment I’ve ever seen. They can’t even facilitate the simple display and editing of keyframes. Objects appear and disappear from the stage for no reason. Applied scaling and rotation are routinely ignored. I sat with a Macromedia rep in a Flash class at NAB and even he was shaking his head at the defects in the product.

    Macromedia’s hallmark is unprofessional, hokey, and poorly conceived UI. I can only imagine that the underlying data structures share these traits too.

  2. Macromedia? THIS IS NOT GOOD! The yahoo toolbar download is completely unnecessary, and in my opinion very distracting. Macromedia Flash has come a very long way and I hate to see it take a turn in the wrong direction this late in the game.

    Flash development is on the rise. It may one day take over the internet as we know it, as broadband increases and the demand for rich interactive internet content increases. However, a flash plug-in is required for download either for an update or an older/independent web browser. The last thing Macromedia Flash needs is to lose some of it’s outstanding credibility with the quick buck. The move is wrong. It’s not good for Macromedia and most certainly not good for Flash. It’s hard enough to convince people to download the “latest version of flash” and if bombarded with browser toolbar add-ons and advertisements it’s not going to workout.

    What is a toolbar? To me: a waste of valuable browser window space, an ad campaign, and internet clutter.

    Anti spyware? The added antispyware detector remover is great for after the fact but, if one is really concerned, as well they should be, then this shouldn’t be the only product they rely on.
    Once the toolbar is installed, you’ll need to either sign in to your Yahoo account or register for one–a minor inconvenience. (so we have a person downloading the latest flash player and they don’t see the check box and now they have to Get a yahoo account so they can find a way to get it working so later they can take the dam thing off.)

    macromedia this is not your style! nix the toolbar.

    PS: Information Central, sounds to me like you don’t know what your doing, or talking about.

  3. Umm, no, Info Central is absolutely right. Have you ever actually used the Flash authoring tool? It is abysmal. Inexcusable in version 1, let alone whatever version they’re at right now. And by the way, the spelling is “you’re”.

  4. I am just a person interested in Techno stuff. When I received a (pop-up!)notice of a new flash player, I searched on Google for “Macromedia spyware?) and found this page right away. I guess I am an old fashioned dinosaur. I’m 60 years old, and have worked with computers since CMP days. When I go on the web, I am looking for information. I don’t need or want bells and whistles. Especially bells and whistles that take a long time to load, mess up my ram, and flash, jump, or make any other motion, or even hang my computer(s) when they hit the firewall or script restrictions. If I want motion I will watch a VCR, DVD or go to a movie, or go outside and watch nature. A Sgt. Joe Friday (Dragnet) said: “Just the facts m’am.”

    I agree with the comments about the Yahoo! search bar. It’s unnecssary and cheapens the relation between Yahoo! and Macro-Media. My computers are old. I have a 200mhz(mmx)desktop and a 600mhz laptop. They work great until I try one of these programs that are nothing more than obese-ware which has about a gazillion times more features than I want or need.

    I think many of these ‘free’ software providers need to come out with players which folks download as an option – a bare bones stripped down version that A)downloads and plays and b) nothing else whatsoever, not even settings. Let the computer control the brightness, sound, etc. Make the detection of bandwidth automatic and leave it at that.

    Whether it is JavaScript, C++, Macromedia, Dreamweaver,Acrobat, etc., how about KISS?. Provide users with an optional, lean and mean ‘just-do-it’ reader/player, and cut out 99% of the stuff 99% of us never use?

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