Screw it, I’m going to let you pick the winner…

The submission window has closed on our first ActionScript Poetry contest, abortion and I have to say I’m impressed with the entries! I was planning on quickly picking my favorite and posting the results by now, view but after reviewing the “poems,” I figured I could use some help.

So rather than leave the task to’s esteemed Literary Review Board (i.e., me), we’ve decided to let you, our loyal readers, have a say in who should win the coveted “ActionScript Jabberwocky T-shirt.”

Judging should be based on several factors, including public reaction to the poem (as noted in comments here), its poetic appeal, creativity and the ungodly whims of you, our loyal readers (and perhaps a few of you disloyal ones, as well). Extra credit might be given if the “poem” actually does something in ActionScript.

Keep in mind, the code itself should become the poetry. The purpose of the contest is to basically “translate” poetry into Macromedia’s ActionScript programming language. When voting, try to focus on originality, cleverness and — perhaps above all — the poet’s ability to capture the essence of the original poem in the scripted language. (Of course, feel free to vote just because you happen to like one!).

You can check out all the great entries in this year’s contest, then return here to vote on your favorite entry! The voting begins today, World Poetry Day, and ends April 15, National Send-Your-Money-To-Washington Day!

Remember: this is a democracy, so vote early, and vote often! We’re not going to bother checking whether anyone tries to “stuff the ballot box,” but we kinda hope you’ll keep it fair.

Final results will be posted and a lavish ceremony conducted shortly after Tax Day (the winner, of course, will not be invited to this ceremony, however, so don’t get your hopes up)!

Thanks, and congratulations to all this year’s entrants! You did great.

Feel free to use the comments area to plead your case to the judges!

[Note: I’ll add the voting booth to the original post as well, so you don’t actually have to return here. ]


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