Spammers, please introduce yourselves

So I spent another ridiculous amount of my weekend trying to figure out how to stop spammers from hosing again. The latest wave of septic sludge from these lowlifes has been cluttering the comment in-box for a week now.

You never see it, vitamin but I sure do. Every time I log in to moderate comments, here I’m greeted with dozens of offers to browse listings for mortgage renewals, Viagara prescriptions and poker tournaments. The best part is that nowadays, the corpse-eating pedophiles (I mean, um, “search engine optimization professionals”) that send this stuff aren’t even linking to their own sites: Their spam scripts are just sending the words “poker” and “penis” a hundred times, inviting readers to search for the terms on Google. In other words, they’re not even really advertising: They’re just annoying administrators now.

And their message isn’t even getting to readers anyway (Note to spammers: We moderate comments, damn it! Quit wasting all our time!).

So now I’ve decided to appeal to readers:

If any of you personally know an individual or company that spends their time doing such meaningless activity, please let me know. I’d like to interview them and find out what exactly they hope to gain. It’ll be an objective interview, I promise.

Really, I won’t kill them. Honest.


3 thoughts on “Spammers, please introduce yourselves”

  1. Maybe, just maybe, they’re automated scripts. maybe the that little picture verification has been bypassed. I can’t imagine that these people are just hitting your site for no reason … and I mean PEOPLE, not just scripts, and posting. Although a thought strikes me…. what if the same people who advertise “make $30k at home for stuffing enevelopes!” are also hiring people to personally spam sites…with a copy and paste script. Then they’re paying people to bypass the verfication code and letting the scripts do the rest.

    Editor’s reply: No doubt. And anybody that spends that much time and effort trying to post unpaid, unwanted ads on a site that offers such advertising at reasonable rates… deserves to be interviewed. And jailed.

  2. The thing I dont understand is that I have lots of links to poker places in my http referrals. I’m the only person who is ever gonna see em, and I certainly wont click on them.. so whats the point??

    Editor’s note: Sadly, the spammers are hoping your blog includes an automatically updated “link list” of sites that link to you. Thus, they want a free ride.

    Worse yet, this kind of spam severely impairs a Web site owner’s ability to monitor and analyze their own Web traffic. In other words, they’ve ruined the only metric a Web owner has to measure their audience. And thus, they’ve impaired your ability to conduct commerce on your site.

    In my view, this is one case where any judge would have to rule against the spammer. Are there any lawyers out there willing to file a class-action suit against these people? I’d be more than happy to share my logs!

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