Even more new anti-spam measures in place

In my never-ending quest to fill the lives of professional spammers and other lowlifes with heartbreak and disease, I’m now testing a couple of new comment-spam blocking routines that I’ve developed for Turdhead.com. If you have trouble leaving comments, please let me know.

Although Turdhead.com readers never see the spam, I’m inundated with it daily (comments that look like spam have always been forwarded to me for final approval), and it makes it difficult to moderate the site while combing through the queue hunting for real comments. Thus, I’ve decided to let the robots do my bidding: From now on, if it even looks like spam, I simply don’t want to bother with it. Phasers are now set to destroy.

If anybody else running WordPress 1.2 would like to modify their own site to allow this functionality, feel free to drop me a line, and I’ll send you the routines I’ve come up with. Meanwhirl, the comment forms are — and always will be — open.




One thought on “Even more new anti-spam measures in place”

  1. I am here to make sure nothing evil gets through, but that all the good stuff does, because spammers are a coagulated mass of rotten eyelids decomposing in an elephant’s abcessed rectum.

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