I just lost the game, so now you have to play.

I just lost The Game!

If you were already playing The Game, viagra you have 30 minutes to forget you ever read this (Sorry, side effects but I’m just following the rules). If you weren’t already playing, you are now.

Welcome to The Game.


  1. To know The Game is to play The Game. One can never stop playing.
  2. To think of The Game is to lose The Game.
  3. When one loses The Game, one must announce to all present that one has lost. (For example, “I just lost The Game!”)
  4. To hear about a loss is to earn thirty minutes to forget about The Game.

Need more info? Check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Game_(game)


62 thoughts on “I just lost the game, so now you have to play.”

  1. You just made me… lose the game… what utter lameness…

    However, you can lost it imeadietly after someone else loses it, or at least I thought!

  2. there is a rule 4 and 5… but it’s a 20 minute Grace Period.. and the highest power in New Zealand has to announce that the game is over in order for it to be over.. And the Game originated in Ft. Lauderdale Florida… it started as an inside joke…

    p.s. i just lost the game..

  3. there is a grace period after you lose for 30 minutes you cannot lose again but after the 30 minutes is up you can lose again…and the game only ends if someone kills chuck norris

  4. Due to slow wit and bad memory, I am the game master and you just lost the game

  5. the game started in venturers in melbourne 4 years ago i know one of the guys

  6. Hey this site is awesome. i love how everything is so orga…. I lost the game.

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