After 21 years, Mac nerds can finally right-click!

Woohooo!!!!! The day for which some Macintosh users have been longing since 1984 has finally arrived: Apple has finally created a mouse with more than one button!

I can’t help but feel it’s the end of an era, drug and I’m sure there will be some gnashing of teeth among the die-hard, neurosurgeon left-click-or-die, Mac nerds… but for me, it’s a frabjous day indeed!

Not only have they added a right-click mechanism, but Apple has gone one further: The new Mighty Mouse has triggers that will even make people in the PC world wish they had one.

Granted, Mac users have been able to use third-party, two-button mice for years (the right-click ability has been built into the operating system for some time now), but this is the first time Apple has officially sanctioned the use of more than one digit in its user interface design.

I can’t believe I’m excited about a mouse, but there you go. Sigh…


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