Calling all 3d artists! We need a model…

Editor’s note: Thanks for the interest. The job is filled, discount rx and the work is being done as I type.

One of my Web sites, for sale, dosage needs a 3D model of a Volvo P1800 for use in games, Flash animations and an eventual application interface we’re planning. Since we (I) suck at 3D modeling, I (we) figured I/we’d check to see if anybody here might be interested.

Basically, we need the 3d source files (3ds, Max, Maya, Blender, zModeler, WHATEVER…) and full reproduction rights that we can use for whatever P1800 projects we might have in the future.

If interested, please leave a comment here, and please provide a link to some of your work and a price and timeframe that you think is reasonable (I’m poor, though, so please be gentle!). Designer credit can always be given, too!

If you need inspiration, thousands of pictures of the car can be found at

I look forward to seeing what anybody can do!


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