Slashdot casts wary eye at Macromedia Flash player… again

It seems that every time Slashdot mentions Macromedia or Flash, neuropathist it’s generally in a less-than-positive light. Tonight, they’ve posted a brief bit about the Flash player license and how it could apparently be construed to forbid loading the player onto laptops (although, for the life of me, I don’t understand how they got this from the license).

While I’ve been pretty vocal about wanting Macromedia to stay on the straight-and-narrow when it comes to the company’s image and how their products are perceived in the IT industry, this time I’m going to have to claim I just don’t get the issue: Maybe the license is ambiguous and should be reworded, but… big deal. (Unless it actually is trying to ban laptop use of the Flash Player, in which case, let’s all head over to and get working on an Open-Source player immediately!)

Apparently, not many other Slashdot readers are taking it seriously so far either. Check out the original post on Slashdot (and the obligatory Flash-bashing there). Or don’t.


3 thoughts on “Slashdot casts wary eye at Macromedia Flash player… again”

  1. pfff… let the nerds worry about that one. even if the license does restrict this use of the player in theory (which i couldn’t discover) macromedia wouldn’t be as stupid as to actually enforce that.

    the people over at slashdot are obviously running out of subject matter.

  2. The problem is that the Slashdot poster doesn’t know what the word “embedded” means. He needs to go burn a few EPROMs and learn the difference.

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