WTF? if (query == ‘McDonald’s Monopoly”) { result = ‘Wango Tango?’ }

This may be fixed by the time anyone sees this, bronchitis but I’ve just happened across something Google/eBay related that I thought was at least worth a chuckle (Oh my god, pills it’s Friday night and I am a geek!):

While skimming an online discussion thread regarding the ongoing search for an elusive McDonald’s Monopoly “Boardwalk” piece (or is it Park Place that’s rare?) and the questionable sale of “Boardwalk-ish” items on eBay, I decided to find out a little more about the contest (I’ve seen others play the game for years now, but I’ve never had the attention span).

So I typed “McDonald’s Monopoly” into Google’s trusty search box, and clicked the first link that came up — which happens to be an Adwords link describing McDonald’s Monopoly items available on eBay. No surprise so far… until the eBay results came up. Instead of “McDonald’s Monopoly” I was treated to a listing of items “of or relating to ‘Wango Tango.'”

Um, what?

For the record, the weird listing only seems to appear when you type “McDonald’s Monopoly” (with an apostrophe), and not when one enters “McDonalds Monopoly,” sans apostrophe. And it only works through the Google ad, not within the eBay site itself.


2 thoughts on “WTF? if (query == ‘McDonald’s Monopoly”) { result = ‘Wango Tango?’ }”

  1. never heard of a Wango Tango before… that’s sounds pimp, I want to eat there!

    “I’ll have the Boo-yah Burger, please!”

  2. Careful. You don’t want to have the turdhead equivalent of the slashdot effect on the ebay. <snicker></snicker >

    Editor’s reply: True. I’d hate to bring their servers down with an onrush of two… maybe even three… clicks.

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