A sneak peek at our latest Flash game character

As the three people who still read this site may remember, surgery I’ve been working on a new Flash game for a while now. I announced it a couple months ago, visit this site and so far, I realize I’ve produced very little evidence that I am, in fact, doing anything beyond producing the drivel you occasionally see posted here.

With that in mind, I would like to begin unveiling the “stars” of the new game, so I’ll begin this week by introducing you to one of the foundational characters on which this new epic is based.

Keep in mind, I’m “sneak previewing” the new game’s characters not to garner praise or criticism (although praise is surely appreciated), but to whet your appetite for the game and to prepare you for the state-of-the-art graphics, fantastic computerized special effects and flat-out artistic “je-ne-sais-quois” (That’s French for “I don’t know quois!”) that will be unleashed this winter.

So may I now present to you, the unsuspecting reader: The star of our show, the main character of what will surely be known as The First Great Game of 2006â„¢ (not really trademarked, and not really likely), the one, the only…



Yes, dammit: The star’s name is Doodle.

You were expecting something a little flashier, maybe? Well… well so? Yeah, where’s your game, then??

But hang on to your hats, people, ‘cuz there are a lot more amazing things ahead.


By the way, I should also mention that Doodle’s new game will probably not be ready until the New Year at the earliest (I told you it was going to be a big one, dammit!).


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