Flash game update: Lots of progress, and a working title

I’ve made a lot of progress lately on the promised new Flash game, more about and it looks like it’s actually going to turn out as I’d hoped. In fact, therapy I’m going to commit myself to the project right now by officially announcing my plans: The new game, salve tentatively titled “Ballistic Stroke,” (it took forever to come up with the title) will be a Flash-based, online, multiplayer, real-time strategy game built upon the ongoing epic struggles between warring factions of… well… doodles on a piece of notebook paper.

Think of it as an adventure in Walter Mitty’s notebook… while he’s off his meds.

The graphics are coming along swimmingly, the AI routines are actually holding their own and the entire project is moving along at a much faster clip than I had originally anticipated. I’m still not expecting it to be finished before the New Year, but at least I am expecting it to be finished now. The ultimate goal is to have a complete, made-from-scratch client/server framework on which to build future games as well (I’ve always got to do things the hard way.)

In the meantime, I’m also documenting the development process along the way. With luck, I’ll not only have a relatively ambitious Flash game when I’m done, but I’ll also have a decent supply of written tutorials and problem-solving hints to help other developers find their way through the real-time strategy maze.

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for details. Again.

For details on how the term “Ballistic Stroke” applies to drawing, doodling or writing, check out the term’s Wikipedia entry here.


4 thoughts on “Flash game update: Lots of progress, and a working title”

  1. More people need to comment on this; then maybe it’ll light a fire under Vito’s prodigiously proverbial posterior and he’ll continue to produce! Produce, my good sir! Produce! War is peace!

  2. Not to worry — Ballistic Stroke is still in production, and we promise it will be delivered with no more delay than the average Duke Nukem Forever release. Meanwhile, we hope people will enjoy our less ambitious monthly game releases (available under the “Amusements” header at left) too!

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