A cinematic trailer for a new Flash game? We’ve got it!

Part of the fun of creating our new Flash-based game, ambulance Ballistic Stroke, pharmacy is the ability to change “the rules” of what’s expected: Things that are usually trivial can be raised to absurd heights of esteem. After all, visit this site the games’ main characters are basically stick figures, doodles scrawn across a sheet of paper. But they do have their problems.

In keeping with this idea, we present the following “cinematic trailer” for Ballistic Stroke, due to be released in January.

The Doodle War is coming.

[FLASH]/games/promos/mightypen.swf, 468,208[/FLASH]

Hope you enjoy!


4 thoughts on “A cinematic trailer for a new Flash game? We’ve got it!”

  1. what is this im going to be out of computer class before this game is up. this is the only
    site i can play games on at school. all the others are blocked and lil jonny is getting tiresome

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