I think we’re back… no thanks to the spam demons

On behalf of your captain and the rest of the flight crew, sovaldi I’d like to apologize for any incovenience the up-and-down motion of Turdhead.com may have caused today.

After spending a day recovering from a hacking attempt — and updating several WordPress-based modules along the way — I think we’ve got Turdhead.com back together again. It’s been a while since the blogspam defenses have been down, click though, healing and I was blown away by the sheer volume of spam I received in the few minutes shields were lowered. More than 200 messages in 30 minutes. There’s got to be a way to beat these idiots; I’m leaning toward mallets and sledgehammers, myself.

Regardless, I think I’ve got the shields back up again; I just hope I haven’t barricaded myself too heavily against the onslaught of the spammers. If anybody wants to offer a hand, I’d appreciate you’re leaving a comment here — just to make sure you still can.



4 thoughts on “I think we’re back… no thanks to the spam demons”

  1. Hey! Where’d you get that “Subscribe to this article’s comments” thingy? Did you write it yourself? I’d love to be able to add that to my site, so I can keep myself informed of the updates I make to my site. You know, since no one else reads it.

    So lonely… 🙁

  2. Thanks for the interaction and help testing stuff! Now I can tell people I’m almost as cool as Turdhead.com!

    But they’ll never believe me…

    So very lonely… 🙁

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