I want to love OS X, but Apple lackeys won’t let me

About three years ago, clinic I made the switch to OS X for my personal computing system. I’ve never regretted it, nurse and I’ve been looking forward to the new Intel/Apple machines for months now. So why does Apple choose the holiday season — the time I’m actually considering the purchase of a new machine — to flat-out piss me off?

Just in time for holiday traveling, the AC adapter (aka the “plugger inner”) for my iBook decided to quit working on me. This shouldn’t be a big deal, but as the adapter is less than three months old, it rather irks me (The fact that it’s the second adapter I’ve purchased in the past year makes it even more irksome). No problem, though: I have an Apple Store in my hometown, and I can simply trade it in there, as it does have a one-year warranty. Right?

So at lunch today, I enter the Apple Store, adapter and warranty in hand, and tell the smiling woman at the front “This is broken, and it should still be under warranty, so I’d like to get it replaced.”

She smiles, and points me to — and I grit my teeth every time I hear this phrase — the “Genius Bar” in back of the store. For those who don’t know, the “Genius Bar” (F* you, Apple, for calling it that!) is nothing more than what most stores would call Customer Support. The woman is pleasant enough to escort me to the counter, where she asks one of the “Geniuses” to help me out. After all, it’s basically a power cord (granted, a $79 power cord), and if it doesnt work, it’s broken.

The “Genius” tells her I need to fill out a form online. No problem, I think, paperwork is essential to any well-run business. So the woman leads me to one of the display computers where she calls up an online form and asks me to fill out the required information. OK, no problem so far.

Until I fill out the form and press submit. That’s when I realize the “form” is not a warranty form or anything so useful as that. It’s a freaking “reservation form” to sign up for a time to talk to the freakin’ “Genius” standing 15 feet away from me. And the next available time is two hours from now.

A reservation. To make a complaint about a shoddy product. Inside the same store I’m standing in.


Dammit, I’ve been SOOOOoo looking forward to the new Intel-based iBooks (rumored to be out in January). But if Apple continues to insist on treating its customers like drones and idiots, I’m beginning to think I might have to cross back over to the PC world after all.

Sure, the Windows operating system sucks compared to the reliability and versatility of OS X, but dammit, at least I can get a new power cord without making a reservation.

Please Apple, you’ve got a chance to finally show the world that OS X is a viable — and superior — computing platform. You really do have great products, and an amazingly great reputation for quality.

Just quit being such a little bitch about it, would you?


9 thoughts on “I want to love OS X, but Apple lackeys won’t let me”

  1. I’ve owned 3 such adapters over the years, they came with computers I purchased. None of them had any issues….
    Are you sure there is not issues witht he wall plugs you are using? There may be a shorted circuit somewhere. A defective adapter would not be so rare… it happens, but 2 in a row sounds quite odd.

    In any case, what does the adapter have to do with your love/hate relationship with osx? I don’t seem to be able to relate one to the other… OS X is arguably the best operating system out there, and your adapter blues, though understandably irritating, in no way argue against that.


  2. My problem isn’t with the adapter or OS X. I LOVE my Apple products. Unfortunately, if you buy their products, you’re forced to deal with their “geniuses” every once in a while.

    Thus, my problem is with the mentality of a company that offers “hip, cool, online, instore reservations” instead of offering service, help or refunds. Apple makes fantastic products, and for a while at least, it seemed they were getting away from the “snob appeal” factor that scared off so many prospective customers. But I had to sign up online WHILE I WAS STANDING NEXT TO THE “GENIUS” to speak to him about a faulty adapter.

    I couldn’t help but recall the “L’Idiot” scene from Steve Martin’s “L.A. Story.” So hip. So trendy. So utterly useless.

  3. is the cord worn or bent near the end that inserts into your iBook? We had one that happend to, but it was like 2 years old and we just bought a new one. Never had a problem besides that. I’m sure they will replace yours if they test it at the store and it proves to be faulty.

    Was the store slammed when you went in there? You can make reservations online ahead of time now too. I know that doesn’t make it much easier, but it helps.

  4. Apparently, the object of my rant wasn’t clear. Cords wear out/break, no problem. But no, the store wasn’t slammed.

    Believe it or not, I am a big fan of Apple. My dream is a world in which everybody enjoys the reliable hardware and software that Apple produces. But if the average computer user is expected to put up with smug “geniuses” and “reservations” just to “return” a “defective power cord,” then I seriously doubt the general public will put up with it any more than I, a Mac-lover, will. And that’s a shame.

  5. I hear ya, but its just like if you go to WalMart or any big place, you have to get in line to get your compliant heard. Doesn’t matter if you have a simple swap or want your money back == 1 line for everyone. Try calling Dell some time to get something warrantied. I spent over an hour going through monkey steps before the girl on the other end finally could say my DVD burner had a faulty door (it got stuck 1/4″ and would go back in).

    Hopefully you get your new power cord soon. Out of habit, I usually buy an extra AC adapter with my new laptops so I can keep one near my desk and one in my laptop bag for when I am “on the go”.

  6. No, not every store is like that. I bought my Toshiba at BestBuy. Power jack went bad. Brought it in. Waited in line maybe 5 minutes. The guy verfied that the jack was bad. Took a new unit off the shelf, swapped hard drives and I was out of there in less than a half hour with a brand new laptop with all my data in it. Can’t beat that.

  7. With the exception of Keith Peters, I think most of you are missing the point: it’s not OSX or even Apple in general with which Vito has a problem; rather, it’s their customer dis-service (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk). Sure, if you take a defective whatever back to Walmart or something, you risk interfacing with a moron. That happens. What doesn’t happen at Walmart, however, is this: no one — smiling or not — escorts to you a hip, trendy, online form, where you’re given the rare privilege to schedule an appointment, two hours from now, with the unoccupied moron standing two feet away from you. From what I read, that was the core of Vito’s rant. Vito loves Apple; Vito loves OSX; Vito would rather stab all the “geniuses” in the face with a soldering iron than deal with their asinine online forms.

    Vito, delete or rebut at will!

  8. Power cords and geniuses aside, do I wait til January for the intel-based machines, or is it safe to go out and grab me a powerbook?

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