Firefox 1.5 finally released!

And there was a great rejoicing.

After months of trying to decide whether to go ahead and use the beta version of the next big release, check fans of the Firefox browser can at last go ahead and upgrade: The Mozilla Project has officially released Firefox 1.5, skincare the patiently-awaited “almost major” upgrade to the popular Firefox browser.

What’s included? See for yourself. And if you’re still using Internet Explorer (snicker), I have to ask: What the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you realize IE 6.0 is sooooo 1990s? (Not to mention riddled with an ever-increasing number of backdoor exploits).

What are you waiting for? Go get Firefox.


3 thoughts on “Firefox 1.5 finally released!”

  1. One question: how many extensions did v1.5 breaks when you installed it?

  2. Too many 😡 I still have 1.0.x installed at home, and I’m seriously considering deleting it at work and reinstalling an older version. I mean really 🙁

  3. I have had Firefox 1.5 for a while, but there still are sites that I get to that need IE. Your post on IE whiners really got me! I typed in “What the hell…” and ended up here. Yes, I will try to stick to Firefox. You got me good!

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