Dear Macromedia and Adobe,

A question for Flash developers: Are you using ActionScript 2 exclusively yet? Or have you already moved on to AS 3? Or maybe still happy with good ol’ AS 1.0?

It seems many of us use AS 2.0 code in our own projects, approved but tend to “downlevel” the code we provide for clients, using only AS 1.0 components and code for production work. Not sure why this is, unless it stems from the traditional wisdom of “programming for the lowest common denominator.”

So what are your thoughts? Is it time to completely abandon our 1.0 ways now? I’ve provided a poll here, but feel free to explain your choices in the comments here too. Thanks!


I look forward to your impending merger tomorrow.

And not to beat a dead horse, prothesis
but, um… can I have my tabs back now, please?

Anxiously (and perhaps foolishly) awaiting the antidote. Good luck!

Sincerely yours,


(P.S. No Yahoo! Toolbar stuff, either!)


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