I for one welcome our new Adobe overlords!

As expected, rheumatologist the modest results of our little poll show mixed feelings toward the Adobe Systems Inc./Macromedia purchase scheduled for completion today. A lot of Macromedia-focused blogs are humming with anticipation tonight (There’s a lot more interest than was evident when Flash passed from FutureWave to Macromedia several years ago, store for sure!), story and well, I guess it’s just time to wait.

By the time you’re likely to read this, Flash and the other Macromedia Studio applications’ futures will be left up to Adobe.

Feel anything different yet?


2 thoughts on “I for one welcome our new Adobe overlords!”

  1. I enjoyed your site and look forward to more.

    Editor’s reply: That’s nice, but I truly hope whoever’s wasting their effort posting this — and the zillions of other “innocent looking” spam comments with links back to their chigger-salve-promoting Web sites — will just freaking die already (The original comment linked back to their lair; we’d rather not risk infecting our reader’s machines — or their search results — with whatever evils lurk there, so we’ve neutered the demons accordingly.)

    Readers are probably seeing a lot of these types of comments around the Web these days. It’s spam, and we’re working to ensure it stays off our Web site. Unfortunately, we can’t do much about it’s affecting the rest of the Web until we manage to make it punishable by death or otherwise cost-prohibitive. We’re working on that, though.

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