A little ho’ing for the holidays

[Editor’s note: The offers described here have expired. We’re leaving the post up for archival/historical records only. Thanks!]

If you’re looking for holiday gifts for Flash or ActionScript geeks, viagra you’ve still got time — but not much — to get up to 25% off Binary or ActionScript Jabberwocky prints and other delightfully senseless gifts from the Turdware shops of Turdhead.com. Today is the last day to qualify for “Super Saving Shipping,” though (Whatever that is… I just make the goods, I don’t make the rules.)

To get the discounts, use the following codes when purchasing your gear:

  • Orders of $20: Use “HOL5” for $5 off
  • Orders of $40: Use “HOL10” for $10 off
  • Orders of $100: Use “HOL25” for $20 off

Sale ends Thursday, Dec. 8!

And now that the holiday ho’ing is out of the way, I guess I should note that work is also progressing well on the Ballistic Stroke game mentioned earlier. And oh yes, there will be T-shirts.

I have no pride.


2 thoughts on “A little ho’ing for the holidays”

  1. You have no pride, and you have no Ballistic Stroke, either. Let’s be honest…you’re working on another trailer, right? We’ll never see it finished! Oh, and I’m thinking about getting a Jabberwocky creeper for my baby…but I’m undecided….maybe next month!

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