My gift to you: A new Flash game featuring… me!

I made the following game as a cheap holiday gift for my coworkers (the people with whom I work in the real world), cialis 40mg and it’s turned out to be a hit! So I figured I’d share it with others — specifically, salve you! It’s your basic “Progressive Whack-A-Mole on Steroids” type game, and it features the Flash programming team (thus, “Flasher Basher”) from my office (including yours truly), so don’t feel you should know any of them (Although you may recognize one of ’em from this post).

There are 12 distinct levels in all, so knock yourselves out!

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to tell me what you think! Thanks!

(FLASH 8 REQUIRED! If you don’t see the game below, check the comments for possible solutions.)

[FLASH]/games/flashbash/flashbash.swf, 468,312[/FLASH]


9 thoughts on “My gift to you: A new Flash game featuring… me!”

  1. Liam, I’m not sure what problem you’re having — Do you have the latest Flash 8 plugin? I use Firefox exclusively, and no problems here. Lemme know.

  2. Doesnt work at all.. just playing annoying music and nothing happens.. only the background.

  3. Again, a little help here? What operating system? Version of Flash player (8 is required)? This piece was originally made for a specific group with known systems, so I’ll admit it wasn’t tested in the wild before posting. Still, it’d be nice to figure out why so many people are having troubles here. Thanks!

    One other suggestion: Do have the Adblock extension with obj-tabs enabled? If so, you’ll be seeing a lot more of this type of problem in the future, too. Disable the obj-tabs option like this.

    If this doesn’t fix your issue, please let me know, but maybe provide some information about what you’re running? Thanks

  4. It don’t works by me… I have an Apple Computer (no Windows) and I use Safari as browser. On Firefox for Mac it didn’t works. too. I heard an sound an see the background, but that’s all. My English is not very good, I come from The Netherlands! Sorry!

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  6. I love flasher basher but it drives me INSANE when I’m trying to get the last guy and the seconds are ticking away and he does not reappear. That’s not fair!!

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