Where did you learn to animate like that?

One of the first things that pops into most people’s minds when they hear the word “Flash content” is “animation.” It’s what made Flash so popular in the first place, abortion and it’s still a staple skill among most Flash programmers. Still, it’s not something most of us learned in school (though I know many do these days).

I’ve got a few basic skills myself, but I’ve decided it’s time for me to get better at it. Which means it’s time for me to ask other Flash and animation professionals: How did you learn to animate well?

Did you just study others’ works? Practice, practice, practice?

Any suggestions for books, courses, videos that might help the aspiring animator? Any direction is appreciated! (There’s a short poll here, but feel free to elaborate in the comments section as well.) Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Where did you learn to animate like that?”

  1. I recently picked up Kevin Peter’s new book Foundation Actionscript Animation which rocks.

  2. I picked up books like “Flash 5 Cartooning” and “Flash MX design for TV and Video”. Really, the techinques aren’t that specific to any version of Flash… they’re just good general animation techniques.

    Being more creative than technical, I’d much prefer to animate traditionally than use Actionscript, however I do realize that AS animation has its place in many situations, and have been known to mix the two on a number of occasions. I’d like to get better at AS-based animation, but it’s not on my high priority list at the moment.

  3. I still suck at animating, but I’ve tried to mimic techniques used in traditional cel-based animation. Since I’m not the world’s greatest illustrator, I stick to the Hanna Barbera approach — a separate background plate with different chunks of a character’s body parts separate and animatable individually. It works best when your goal isn’t Disney-esque quality… 🙂

    But like I said, I suck.

  4. Well… you sorta have to have flash for more thn a year and you need to get good at drawing with the annoiyng brush…use alot of smoothing

    If youre dedicated you will get very good (like krinkels)

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