for (months in year[2006]) {numberOfGames++}

I tend to get myself in trouble every time I pre-announce a new project, melanoma but here goes: Beginning in 2006, diet we here at have resolved to produce and release at least one new Flash game per month. In other words, condom we plan to increase our current stable of games by more than 600 percent by January 2007.


Mainly it’s the allure of fame and fortune that all Flash programmers receive automatically upon the release of a new work. That, and the incredible popularity we gain among women, children and domestic animals with each new release. Not to mention the amazing… um… delusions of grandeur we experience when we triumphantly announce, “Oh, wait, hang on… try this version…”

Actually, it’s more of a personal goal. I’m a deadline-oriented worker, and by giving myself an end-of-month deadline for each new project, I’m hoping to prime the pump of creativity and create some interesting new projects in 2006. (Yeah, it’s all about quantity now; screw the quality!) So far, I’ve already announced a couple of upcoming releases: Cosmic Bounce and Ballistic Stroke, and there are others in the back of my mind as I type. By establishing a rigid one-month-one-game schedule, I hope to ensure each project actually makes it to the Web before another consumes me.

I realize 12 games in an entire year doesn’t sound like much for most companies, but be assured that has nothing to do with my “real” job, which also involves Flash production and which already consumes the majority of my programming time and energy. Nor does it really reflect my “real” life, which involves a great circle of friends, a great girlfriend, a loving family, a neurotic dog and a growing interest in restoring old cars.

Holy crap. Did I say 12 games? I’d better get busy.


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  1. At least you’re producing more text. The site has updated comments almost every day! amazing! No, really! I have at least 3 more exclamation points to use……!…..!!

    What’s Cosmic Bounce?

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