In defense of the worst domain name choice ever

The absurdity of running a Web site named hit me tonight: Although I originally purchased the domain name as a joke more than five years ago, tadalafil this week I consciously made the effort to pick up its sister domains, viagra dosage and, for the sole purpose of — get this! — protecting the good name of “Turdhead” on the internet.

That’s right. The good name of Turdhead.

Although I purchased the original domain in jest and almost forgot I owned it when we set this site up in 2003, has slowly scratched out a respectable place for itself (at least in my delusional mind), and I plan to make more use of the name in the coming months. Thus, I’ve suddenly realized that it’s in a precarious place indeed.

It’s hard enough convincing newcomers to read past the URL and see that this two-year-old Web site, despite its carelessly applied moniker, is not geared toward potty humor and fart jokes. Imagine the confusion if someone were to create such a site on one of the other top-level domains. (Think “” vs. the old “” — But if you’re not familiar with the old dot-com site, do not look it up!)

So as ridiculous as it seems, rest assured I will not let the name (or or be sullied on this great Web of ours.

Unless, of course, I do it myself.

It’s going to be a great year!


3 thoughts on “In defense of the worst domain name choice ever”

  1. i once had possumback.

    your site may not be sullied, but it will definitely be soiled.

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