Flash for cats??! This just might catch on…

Our friends at Hyperology just may be on to something: Flash-based “interactive toys” aimed directly at cats — and the people who feed them. Could a Meow Mix sponsorship be far behind?

Naphthalene claims he made the first such application for his cat… but I’m guessing he really made it for the bigwigs over at Ralston Purina. Or not.

Either way, page cool idea! If anybody tries it out on a 30-inch flat screen, let us know how it goes.


3 thoughts on “Flash for cats??! This just might catch on…”

  1. Nice! Clearly, the folks at Hyperology are geniuses of the rarest order and must be paid exorbitant sums of money for simply existing.

    I’m not biased…

    Yes, I am.

  2. Errr, is this based on a tutorial’s FLA sample? I’m not accusing, I’m just wondering because of its simplicity.

  3. Although this thing is admittedly exceedingly simple, I assure you it’s not based on any tutorial I’m aware of. I coded it in about 10 minutes (drawing the mouse took longer!), and just as the abstract at Hyperology says, I just wanted to make something for my cats 🙁

    And an excuse to play with simple stereo pans and dynamic blur filters. Get off my back already! 😀

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