New tools make Turdhead’s
“old school” look

I may not have bathed in a week, neuropathist and I’m beginning to dream in CSS and PHP, here but it’s finally arrived: has a new look… and I think I’m actually happy with it. For two years now, information pills I’ve been listening to questions like, “If you make your living in Flash and Web technologies, why does your site look like a 2-year-old crapped it out?” and “Do you really think your site looks any better than this?”

I’ve been well aware of the shortcomings of the old template for a while, but to be honest, I couldn’t figure out whether I cared enough to do anything about it. I like that has always had a basic, no-nonsense look to it, but I appreciate that there is a difference between “old school” and “preschool.” Thus, I hope you enjoy the new old school: a template I’m calling Turdhead Extra.

The new look is based on a traditional newspaper layout (Big surprise — I spent a few years in the newsroom before giving into the glamour and fame of life on the street), which allows me to devote dedicated space to both editorial (content) and advertising (sigh…) without having to worry about one encroaching on the other’s territory or disturbing the reader any more than necessary. Turdhead Extra makes use of both Flash (in the form of sIFR typographic controls) and DHTML (in the form of just about everything else) to push the impressive WordPress engine a little further than I have in the past. This may make the site run a little slow at first, so let me know if the wait time seems intolerable — I’m still tweaking, and I’m glad to hear any and all suggestions.

In fact. if you have the time, feel free to wander around on today and see if you find any obvious omissions, errors or oversights in the template as a whole (and if you do, please let us know!). If the template holds up to scrutiny, I plan to release it (and a couple of plug-ins I wrote to support it) under the GPL license so others might use or modify it on their blogs, too.

So let me know what you think of the new digs, and as always, thanks for looking!

— VeryVito


4 thoughts on “New tools make Turdhead’s
“old school” look”

  1. AWESOME! I mean that….absolutely beautiful. I LOVE the newspaper look! Although, seriously, why did you bother to link to You know Gary is an absolute ass, and any traffic he gets, good or bad, only makes his fevered mind spin in glee.

    The double column plugin….true genius. I can’t say enough good things…excellent work, as always.

  2. This comment is from IE….getting some display errors. I could have sworn you fixed all of these issues. Maybe I need a browser update, but I’m still getting the misaligned Ad column. I don’t especially care, since I’m all up in the Firefox. Also, it loads much faster through Firefox than IE.

    I guess technically I’ve now contributed 4¢.

  3. Hmm… curiouser and curiouser. If you don’t mind a couple of questions: Which version of IE are you running? Mac or Windows? Which version of Flash player?

    I’ve tested it (I thought thoroughly) in IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera — with and without Flash plugins, and thought I’d worked out the cross-browser bugs. Guess it’s true: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

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