I love you, Flash community, but… we need some space

You know how sometimes, otolaryngologist when you meet somebody with whom you really seem to connect, and you start devoting all your time to them, and you get really caught up in one another’s conversations, but suddenly… you find yourself knee-deep in pancake batter… and unable to speak the local language anymore? Or (perhaps less extreme) you simply realize you’re not where you want to be anymore?

Well, lately, that’s how I’ve been feeling about Turdhead.com and its relationship with the Flash development community. You see, I love working with Flash and its related technologies, and I can spend all day discussing the relative merits of object-oriented coding vs. procedural programming, but I created Turdhead to discuss just about anything else — art, writing, games, politics, general crap. But I “do Flash” for a living, so naturally, the topic does come up.

Still, it’s time to expand our horizons. I’m not sure what I plan to rant about next (probably poker, TiVo or auto repair) but recently, I arranged for MXNA to aggregate only those Turdhead.com articles I think might be of interest to Flash Platform developers. Thus, I won’t crap up the excellent aggregator with irrelevant posts about beet recipes or slideshows of my recent trip to the Museum of Maritime Antacids. But I’ll also get to sit back and talk about my favorite songs of 1973 to anybody unfortunate enough to stumble upon them, too.

Rest assured, I’ll certainly keep ranting and raving about Flash developments, and those posts will (I hope) show up on the MXNA blogroll, and Turdhead.com will continue to host the annual ActionScript Poetry Contest. But if you want to catch all of Turdhead.com’s new posts, I encourage you to keep checking back here, or subscribe to our main RSS feed.

That way, we can both see other people.


2 thoughts on “I love you, Flash community, but… we need some space”

  1. I know a little of what you mean. After I was aggregated by MXNA, I started feeling this pressure to write stuff that would be interesting for MXNA readers. I was asking myself if MXNA readers would click on each post. Almost like I was writing for MXNA rather than writing my own blog.

  2. Hey, at least you’re writing about something. Me, I just stare at my mostly empty site and drool. I don’t even have a direction. Oh, sure, I had all these grandiose ideas, but, well, who cares?

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