Hand me a Flash Lite, would you?

It’s been a while since Macromedia introduced the world to the Flash LiteΓ’β€žΒ’ player — and since then, information pills it’s already advanced to Version 2. And while the previews I’ve seen on the Adobe Web site make it look like a lot of fun, I have to admit: I’ve never seen the !$%#@! thing.

Now, phone envy is nothing new to me: Verizon (my carrier of choice) has often “crippled” some of the best features of its phones (e.g., Bluetooth implementations and MP3 loads) to ensure customers only get their multimedia fix directly from the mama company (It’s a sales technique perfected by schoolyard bullies and drug dealers, and it seems to work well in the mobile industry, as well). And while this usually makes me mad and jealous of others who can flaunt new technologies on their own phones, this time it’s not the case: Truth is, I don’t know a single person with a Flash-enabled mobile handset yet.

Press releases and Flash Lite enthusiast sites make it look like everyone somewhere is enjoying the ride already, though: Adobe recently announced that more than 45 million mobile devices are now Flash-enabled. So, um… where are they?

Things are looking up, though: Macromedia and Qualcomm announced plans last Fall to release Flash Lite as a BREW extension (which, in theory, means it should work on my Verizon phone soon, no?), and LG Electronics (maker of my last two cell phones) signed up with Adobe last week to integrate Flash into its future handsets. Both these developments have raised my hopes somewhat, but at the end of the day, I still don’t have the funny on my phone.

Do you? And if so, what do you think of it?

I wanna play, too!


4 thoughts on “Hand me a Flash Lite, would you?”

  1. I understand the frustration; this comment from Adobe’s JD sums it up pretty well:


    I think perhaps the US will still be a little behind Europe and the far East when it comes to adoption rates for at least 5 year just as the UK is somewhere in the region of 2 to 4 years behind Japan when it comes to hardware and equally importantly- infrastructure. I know there have been several phones out with Flash Lite already here in the UK in the form of Sony Ericssons, and there a few Nokias that are literally on the cusp of being released, notably the N91 which is just about to come out on all the major networks, then a little later the mass market 6125:


    All of the clues point to the current generation of Nokias (the largest mobile phone manufacturer on the planet) including Flash Lite with all future handsets, in particular it has made it into the latest revision of their OS as a core feature. Not to mention Motorola recently joining the bandwagon which I would assume will help things in the US with it being the major player in that market. It’s just a matter of a little more time but people are getting very annoyed by just how much πŸ™‚

  2. Ciao,

    the main issue of US mobile market is that all phones are provided by the carriers, so they pick which phones to sell. In europe people mostly buy the phone they like and so it is easier to get the latest technology. Flash Lite technology has proven to be a great mobile tecnology in Japan and we will see the wave first in Erurope and then in US. If you are looking for Flash Lite content you should check the Flash Lite exchange on adobe site. Also there are other Flash Lite enabled phones coming out soon. All Symbian 9.1 mobile phones will have Flash Lite.


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