New game, just under deadline… kinda

We made it! Just under the gun, no rx has a brand new game! So far, the one-game-per-month challenge has been met. Pathetically, perhaps, but still…

Truth be told, this one was done start-to-finish in a single day (today). It’s a bit rough around the edges, and yes, I’ll probably tweak it in the next day or so, but DAMMIT, it’s here, and it met its Feb. 28 deadline. Barely.

So here it is, Bus Terminal Amusements, Vol I: Guess Which Hand. The name — and the game — may seem a little odd, but we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! It’s that classic game of childhood, “Guess Which Hand,” but it’s been bummed up pretty well with a creepy old man in a bus station. How many quarters can you take from creepy Carl?

Flash 8 player is required! Enjoy, and feel free to let us know what you think about it! Thanks!

Update: I’ve spiffed up the game a bit, and moved it to its permanent home in the Amusements section. Click here to play the game!


2 thoughts on “New game, just under deadline… kinda”

  1. Under the deadline my tookus! I waited impatiently until the very stroke of 00:00 (EDT) and NO GAME! You might think slapping it up there NEARLY ONE HOUR AFTER THE FACT counts as “under the gun,” but you’re WRONG!

    Of course, if your server’s time stamp is off, then you really did get it in at 23:59, and I should just shut up.

    Carl…what a BOZO! That’s right, a BOZO!!!

  2. Not sure which time zone you were checking from, but regardless, the game was uploading seconds before midnight. So there. 😉

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