“Creepy Carl” banished from Turdhead.com servers

It was a rough weekend for Turdhead.com: The absurd popularity of our latest Flash game, diagnosis Guess Which Hand, clinic caused the server to crap itself early Friday, and as I was out of town over the weekend, there was little to do but watch it happen. As of this morning, however, I’ve banished Creepy Carl (the dubious star of the game) to another server (known hereafter as Turdhead.net), to keep the load off this one.

High score reporting has been suspended for now (no big deal, perhaps, as nobody has managed to get more $2.75 from the little bastitch since last week, anyway), but expect it to return soon. Meanwhile, I’ll be playing around behind the curtain to make sure this doesn’t happen every month we introduce a new game here.

Thanks for your patience, and enjoy the “somewhat lamer yet” game.


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