Contest[poetry].hoursLeft--; // ActionScript Poetry entries due by midnight

As announced last month, tablets your ActionScript Poetry entries must be submitted by midnight tonight to be considered in this year’s annual poetry contest. After a late start, the competition is suddenly hot.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, one of the entries, Satori Canton’s translation of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18, has already become a hit on the rest of the net — links to the poem were all over the MXNA blog aggregator and yesterday. Congrats to Satori and all others brave enough to step up and submit their efforts.

The submision window closes at midnight (eastern time) tonight, so get your verse on quick and submit them here! Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Contest[poetry].hoursLeft--; // ActionScript Poetry entries due by midnight”

  1. Indeed it should, flashape. Unfortunately, WordPress (the program used to publish this site), tends to turn two hyphens into a single em-dash (just like it’s doing to your post right now). Usually, this is exactly what you’d want. Unfortunately, not so much in this case. Hmmph. Thanks for catching it, though! (Fixed!)

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