Making screensavers and other goodies using open-source Screenweaver

I’ve been playing around with Screenweaver OS lately. Now that it’s been released as an open-source project, unhealthy who can resist a readily available means of making real, overweight honest-to-goodness desktop applications from Flash?

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ve done anything earthshattering yet, but I’ve at least been playing around with its simple-to-use screensaver building tools. I originally released this screensaver on another Web site devoted to the Volvo 1800 automobile, but I figured I’d place it here in case anyone else was interested. The 3d model was designed by Josh Isaacson for and will later appear in one of Turdhead’s game-o’-the-month features, as well as one or more utilities.

Not much to say about it, but I figured it might get a few others’ interests peaked in both Screenweaver development and my favorite classic Volvo sports car. Happy motoring!


5 thoughts on “Making screensavers and other goodies using open-source Screenweaver”

  1. When you say ‘simple-to-use’ screensaver building tools, I assumed you meant simple to use if you happened to be a coder.

    As I’m a intermediate at best actionscripter, this was a whole new ball game to me. There doesn’t appear to be any documentation on how to build a screensaver, so just how easy is it and would you mind sharing the knowledge with me as I’m tearing my hair out trying to figure it out hehe

    This whole thing has opened up a ton of learning to me though so thanks for that, I installed Haxe and everything else pretty easily. All I need to do currently is build a screensaver, just no clue where to start!!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Yeaaah… I was confused by your post at first, but then I remembered…

    A lot has happened with the Screenweaver project since I posted this. Screenweaver OS (which provided, among other things, a simple-to-use wizard to create screensavers) has given way to Screenweaver HX, a much more powerful, up-to-date application-creation platform based on the Haxe programming language. To be honest, I haven’t used the new version yet, and (correct me if I’m wrong, anybody) its description barely seems to fit that of the old Screenweaver. It does seem powerful and cool now, but… you’re right: It no longer appears to be a matter of “import SWF/export screensaver.”

    Anybody else got any input on this? Or know where to obtain a copy of the old Screenweaver 3?

  3. Hehe I didn’t actually look at the date originally, trust google!! 🙂

    Thanks for that , I actually did a little more research into this as I simply want to drag a swf and ping out an .scr or an .exe to install the screensaver.

    I found a nifty little tool which does just that…

    It used to be shareware but now its freeware, loaded up my swf file and have now distributed it to a bunch of our customers and its gone down a storm. Not a bad little tool for making screensavers.

    Thanks for the info/feedback!

  4. Good to know. Meanwhile, I’ll keep an eye out for a copy of Screenweaver 3, too. Or take a look at the HX version, as it seems all development on 3 and 4 have stopped now.

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