Judging period extended for ActionScript Poetry contest

After a late start and subsequent “voting irregularities” (the poll wasn’t accepting votes for a while), more about judging of the the ActionScript Poetry Contest is finally in full swing. To make up for the lost time, website like this we’ve decided to extend the deadline for voting on submissions to April 24 (one week after the original deadline of April 17).

Get your votes in by the Easter Monday, and enjoy the poems!


One thought on “Judging period extended for ActionScript Poetry contest”

  1. This poem is flowing through my brain
    This poem I am writing is insane
    Don’t tell me that you can relate or
    Feel the same because you don’t even

    Know my real name my life is no
    Were near plain and ever day of my
    Life is not the same you might think
    I am different or a little bit strange

    But I will all ways stay true and on
    Top of my game I am not the one to
    Blame for your screw ups or your
    Mistakes please don’t take me for a

    Joke because I am strong and I will
    Not break because TLC is not a phony
    Or a fake.

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