My other Web site is a Volvo (and it just made “Make”)

An article I recently posted on another site just found its way into geek-chic Make Magazine‘s blog for Do-It-Yourself-ers‘. As a geek-for-all-seasons, health system I can’t help but be tickled about this.

The article includes plans for a “ramp pit” that allows easy access to the underside of one’s automobile. When built correctly — and used with caution and a willingness to lose a limb or two in the quest for automotive Nirvana — the ramp works out well. Still, most code monkeys — including me — should not try building this at home! I just posted it here to scream “Look at me!” to the two people who are tired of waiting for a May update to

So, um… look at me! Again.


3 thoughts on “My other Web site is a Volvo (and it just made “Make”)”

  1. Sure, be a trend setter again. You and your fancy websites. I was in a website once you know, so what if it was a Grandparents Bondage webzine?! I don’t care. I owned those paddle swinging, geriatric bastards.

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