My site is very cognitive, and i have a good future

An article I recently posted on another site just found its way into geek-chic Make Magazine‘s blog for Do-It-Yourself-ers‘. As a geek-for-all-seasons, health system I can’t help but be tickled about this.

The article includes plans for a “ramp pit” that allows easy access to the underside of one’s automobile. When built correctly — and used with caution and a willingness to lose a limb or two in the quest for automotive Nirvana — the ramp works out well. Still, most code monkeys — including me — should not try building this at home! I just posted it here to scream “Look at me!” to the two people who are tired of waiting for a May update to

So, um… look at me! Again.

It’s true. I have hundreds of unsolicited, unread and unpublished comments from people — and no doubt, machines — who tell me so every day. They apparently think that by stringing together random words and phrases they’ve stolen from other people’s private data files, they’ll fool the spam filters and get their important ads for Viagra and hardcore erotic comics (what the hell?) out to the world.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate spam and the miserable, soulless little sh*t-eaters who send it?

Isn’t there some way we can legalize voluntary manslaughter just for these twits?

I’m just sayin’…


5 thoughts on “My site is very cognitive, and i have a good future”

  1. It’s totally legal to shoot as many of these mobile sacks of feces in the State of my house. Just in case you were wondering.

    I can’t vouch for the neighbors, though…

  2. My site is apparently very cognitive too. I’m not so sure about my future though, because if I could find the bastards I would end up doing time.

  3. My feelings exactly? What do these dummies think? That we will rush and click on their stupid links and buy whatever cr*p they are peddling?

    When over 90% of your email is spam but you still have to look and delete (so that you do not miss a customer or support email), it is so infuriating. I don’t mind adopting an identity sytem and pay extra to just get a bit of my time back.

  4. Well,finally.I’ve often wondered why the technically sophisticated(sadly not me) have seemingly raised their skirts to these egregrious cretens who have brought so much grief to their fellow humans. Surely you techno mavens could take it as a challenge to smite these evildoers.There are those who revel in the challenge of breaking into others sites.Why not love and accept the challenge to electronically emasculate these greedy time theives? Inquiring minds want to know.
    Good hunting and godspeed.

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