Two geeks become one

Cutting the cakeIt’s been a while since I mentioned I’d found somebody crazy enough to marry me, doctor and I have to admit I’ve posted very little ever since. Turns out that planning a wedding can take a lot of your time and energy (Well, salve ok, buy viagra so it took a lot MORE of my fiancee’s time and energy, but still…)

Regardless, I am happy to report that as of last weekend (April 28, 2007), I have become a married man. Pictures, etc. can be found here, and the new Mrs. VeryVito (VeryVita? VeryVitess?) has been posting her thoughts here. She’s pretty awesome, by the way.

And yes, to anybody confused by the photos… those are indeed groomsbabes (or GroomsAngelsâ„¢, as I like to call them).

To everyone who attended: Thanks, I had a blast! And to those who weren’t present: Sorry, you missed a blast!


2 thoughts on “Two geeks become one”

  1. That was a great time. She’s way too hot for you though. How’s the peepmobile?

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