In search of the perfect cell phone

In the next few weeks, advice I’m planning to upgrade my trusty Verizon LG-8100, and I figured I’d ask if anyone here has any recommendations for a good Flash-enabled cell phone. My requirements don’t seem too demanding, but unfortunately, finding a good fit hasn’t been easy in the past. Here’s what I need:

  1. Must be supported by Verizon (So no iPhone. Sorry AT&T, but, um… I still haven’t forgiven you for last time).
  2. Must support Flash Lite (Again, no iPhone. What the heck, Apple?) I’m really ready to sink my teeth into Web app development now, but without a phone that supports Flash, it’s hard to get motivated. And now the kicker…
  3. Must be fully integrated with Apple’s iSync utility (I’m tired of third-party “fixes” that aren’t quite what I need, which is full integration with Address Book, iCal etc.) I switched back to Mac again recently, and this time I plan to stay.

I’m leaning toward the Motola RAZR line, but I’m open to suggestions, and searching the usual sources online has just left me more confused. Finding one phone that supports SOME of the above needs is easy; finding the magic device that meets all three, on the other hand…

Any recommendations?


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