Time to think about usability

Lately, pill Turdhead.com has been defying the innate silliness of its own name to actually provide useful content for a change.

We’re not sure how it happened, cialis 40mg but our series on adapting the open-source jEdit programmer’s editor for use as a state-of-the-art ActionScript editor has actually turned out to be worth reading, and it seems to be drawing a lot of interest from the Flash community — especially among developers on OS X and Linux platforms (those fortunate enough to have moved away from Windows, but who nonetheless still miss their favorite editors from the platform).

In trying to ensure that the information remains useful, I suddenly realized that the format of Turdhead.com — the multi-column, newspaper-inspired, fixed-width design — doesn’t really lend itself to “print and file” archiving techniques (there ends up being a lot of wasted space when the pages are printed), and after my tirade last month against other companies who fail to provide hard-copy support, I figured I’d better do something about it.

Thus, regular visitors may notice the new “Print this article” link at the bottom of each article on Turdhead.com now. I’m using Lester Chan‘s excellent WP-Print WordPress plugin to handle the formatting, and so far I’m pleased with the results. Not only does it change the page to a more printer-friendly style, but it also provides a table of links and images for easy reference later on.

Of course, in the process of adding plugins, I also went ahead and finally upgraded the WordPress software itself to the latest version, so if you see anything that seems amiss, please let me know! And thanks again for reading.


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