Wow. “Stacks” really sucks!

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I’ve been enjoying my first few days with the new OS X 10.5 operating system (aka Leopard), ailment and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the development community is going to be able to do with the hundreds of cool new features and API hooks built into the OS. But that said: Does anybody really think that the “Stacks” feature has been well implemented in Leopard?

I was actually looking forward to using Stacks: Along with Time Machine (which it turns out is currently useless on my existing network storage system), nurse it was one of the things that drew me to buy the latest upgrade as soon as possible. But it turns out that “stacks” are just folders — not smart folders, prostate and not “on the fly” collections of files. Just folders. And really, really, really sh*tty looking ones, at that.

What the hell are these supposed to be? I challenge anyone to identify these folders!

I won’t go into details here, as I’m sure anyone looking for more info will find it in abundance elsewhere on the Web (The entire Ars Technica review is a great read, by the way).

In fact, Leopard is indeed a great system, but the two main things that Apple has been using to promote it to the masses — Time Machine and Stacks — have turned out to be sorely disappointing. I’m sure somebody will figure out a way to get Time Machine to work on a networked drive soon enough, so I’m not actually worried about that one. After all, we’ve already seen “fixes” for other features, such as this fix to disable the miserable 3D Dock.

But Stacks? Stacks just sucks.


6 thoughts on “Wow. “Stacks” really sucks!”

  1. Time Machine will work on a network drive if it supports AFP. My Infrant NAS does support AFP, but I think I’ll still use a local Ext HD instead.

    I haven’t played w/ Stacks but I’m pretty set in my ways so not sure I’d find it useful. Maybe on a project by project basis where I need to look quickly at graphic assets. Not sure.

  2. Thanks, JOhn. I’m running AFP shares through netatalk on a Linux box that acts as a general-purpose server for both Mac and Linux machines, and so far I’ve had no luck with Time Machine. If my MBP were in one place long enough, I’d use a USB drive, but I’d rather keep all the Mac backups on a central server (as I do now using SuperDuper) via the network.

    Meanwhile, as for Stacks, I would prefer to do without, but I’ve always placed my Docs and Home folder in the dock’s right-hand side. In adding Stacks, Leopard effectively killed this convenient functionality, too: It’s the Finder or nothing, I’m afraid.

  3. Is there a way to turn it off? The way they show the icons of everything in the folder instead of the folder icon…infuriating! Is there a way to at least change the default folder icons back to Tiger icons? At least those could easily be distinguished using color and design…the new icons (which only appear if the folder is empty)are just…useless.

  4. Hi
    My heart sank a little when I saw the ‘stacks’ previewed on the Apple website. Its just too gimmicky and limits the number of folders that ‘stack’. Our client folders can have dozens of folders within – we try to be organised and efficient… hey, we are organised and efficient.. but still they grow and grow. There are features I do like the look of, such as iTunes style browsing… but what I really want to see are performance boosts. So I am hanging on to Tiger. A partner studio installed 10.5 on day 1, ‘cos they’re like that – always got to have the latest toys. So I’ll see what their experience is and keep reading the forums.

  5. I just installed Leopard too. I agree with you totally. Stacks is just unnecessary glitzy bullshit that is a step backwards in terms of functionality. Does apple honestly think that a bunch of icons on top of each other better identify the contents of a folder than a single icon (an icon that you can even customize yourself)? Get a grip Apple. Quit with your stupid Apple TVs and iPhones and crap like that and stick to making the basic stuff strong.

    It sucks. Me, personally, I’d drag a folder or whatever to the dock and use that as a separate expandable menu node. That is, instead of an expandable “drag down” menu like up in the menu at the top of the OS, you drag upwards if you click and hold and navigate upwards, through folders or whatever, to your target. Now that is all gone.

    Good one apple… Dumbasses. Now I don’t even want to customize the dock with personal folders. Now I CAN’T customize the dock with personal folders because it’s a hinderance.

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