AT&T, You suck.

The only carrier licensed to sell the iPhone in the U.S. also seems to be the only carrier incompetent enough to screw it up.

iPhone 3.0 has MMS and tethering — two technologies people have been screaming about for months. But while other users around the world can enjoy them today (ok, symptoms June 16), they’re not available on AT&T.

Turns out AT&T could care less, though. They’ve already got the two-year contracts signed from the 2.0 launch, and don’t seem to want to make things easy for “official” users.


2 thoughts on “AT&T, You suck.”

  1. While AT&T might have looked like they dropped the ball here, they have to upgrade their entire network quickly to enable MMS and tethering. It will be here, just a little late. If you don’t like it, enjoy your Pre.

  2. Tethering I understand, but MMS?? Come on, all their other phones already handle this, and every other carrier handling the iPhone has managed to get their ducks in a row on this. Was AT&T seriously surprised at the last minute by the announcement of MMS? Doubtful.

    How much time does an exclusive provider need to get things done? I’ll bet it’s a lot longer than if they had other competition in this market.

    As for the Pre, time will tell, but I have to agree the lack of an AT&T service contract is appealing.

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