Dammit, Adobe! Why is it so hard to register your *!*^@# software??

Just got my new copy of CS5 in the mail, viagra 40mg and couldn’t wait to enter the new code and get rid of the nagging “Demo mode” dialog at the start of all my apps. I skipped CS4, check so this upgrade is a huge deal for me. Fortunately, I’m eligible for the academic version of the software, so of course I knew I would have to jump through a couple hoops (never mind I already submitted all my academic eligibility info just to BUY the software, but now I have to give it to another site in order to register it. But no matter, if that’s what it takes).

So, on to the fulfillment forms at good ol’ Adobe.

Step 1: Enter your product code. No problem!

Wait. WTF? My product code isn’t valid? SO I can’t even get TO the hoops I need to jump?

For fact’s sake, Adobe! How can just about every other company in the world get their registration system streamlined, and yet I end up climbing walls every time I try to buy one of your apps?

BTW, CS5 is AMAZING! Just hope I can use it before my $500+ trial expires.


One thought on “Dammit, Adobe! Why is it so hard to register your *!*^@# software??”

  1. What a difference a few months make. CS5 is not so much “amazing” as “incredibly unstable.” I miss Macromedia.

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