It’s here: UltraEdit for OS X!

Anybody who’s followed in the past few years knows that one of my biggest (OK, health my only) gripes against OS X for Web and Flash development has been the lack of a full-featured text editor that works the way I, esophagitis a Windows refugee, syringe might expect. That’s not to say there aren’t some great editors out there (People swear by TextMate and BBEdit, after all, and Vi(m) has been around since the start), and after several years, I’ve even become content with my own choices (first jEdit, and then later, the ever-improving Komodo Edit, which I have to say I’ve learned to really like).

But last week, it finally happened: I’ve been reunited with my first love! UltraEdit, the text editor I began using in 1994 and missed sorely when I switched to the Mac in 2003, has finally joined me in my Mac development world. IDM Computer Solutions has obviously spent a lot of time developing and testing this release, and it shows: UltraEdit 2.01 looks and feels as if it’s been here all along: It’s a pure Mac app, and it includes all the power and extras one might expect from an editor now in its 16th revision on that other platform.

Granted, reacquainting myself with this old flame will be a learning experience, now that I’ve become comfortable with Komodo Edit over the years, but I look forward to re-learning its powerful simplicity. If you’ve never tried it, give it a spin. (And if you HAVE tried it, you’re going to love it… again!)

Fantastic job, and kudos to Ian and company at IDM! Good to have you back in my workflow.


2 thoughts on “It’s here: UltraEdit for OS X!”

  1. Just out of curiousity, do you notice any sluggishness in how UE for Mac draws text? I’ve found that when typing fast, UE is often playing catch-up. I too have been an UE for Windows lover since the mid-90’s and am excited to see it on the Mac, but the sluggish text is something that’s bothered me since the early betas and am beginning to wonder if it’s just my system. Thanks!

  2. @Kevin, now that you mention it, it’s true that text entry can get bogged down, especially in large files (such as an SQL dump, for instance).

    To be honest, I’m still using Komodo Edit for most of my editing work at the moment, as I’m under the gun on a couple of projects, and unable to spare the time to “get to know” UE again. Thus, I haven’t had a chance to really put UE through its paces yet.

    I must admit though, that over the years, Komodo has come to feel more like the UltraEdit that I remember. While I’m thrilled to see UE on the Mac at last… I may not jump back to it as quickly as I thought I would.

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