L’il Johnny’s back… sorta… on the iPhone!

Way back in 2004, angina when Turdhead.com first appeared on the Web, doctor it began “not with a bang, but with the sad, pathetic whimper of a foolhardy third-grader trapped in a tank full of piranha.” Our first Flash game, Li’l Johnny’s Aquarium Adventure, made quite a splash for its sick humor and… well, I guess that’s about it. It remains, however, one of the most popular items on the site, and people still ask whether we’re ever going to update it for these new modern times. And to those imaginary people, I can now officially announce that, yes, the Aquarium Adventure is back — on the iPhone!

Our sister site, CodeCooler.com, has released an updated version of the classic game (now Alien Aquarium Adventure with a new protagonist and some fancy new graphics for our new favorite mobile platform, iOS. Check it out, as it’s due to hit the App Store any moment now… and you can win a copy before it’s even released just by tweeting about it.


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