And… scene!

I removed the “Latest Adobe News” (formerly MXNA, unhealthy Macromedia XML News Aggreator) feed from my own RSS feed today, visit this site which felt a little anticlimactic, visit this site considering how glued I used to be to the pulse of all things Flash/ActionScript. For the past several months, however, I have to admit I’ve barely glanced at it.

Who would have thought a few years ago that PHP, JavaScript and Objective-C would be my tools of choice eventually?

Thanks to the efforts of Laravel (PHP), JQuery/Angular/Node (Javascript) and Cocos2D/Cocoa (Objective-C) communities, those old-school technologies have truly become exciting over the past few years. Thanks to Adobe, however, Flash/Flex/ActionScript has become… I guess, limited at best.

Guess I could have just listened to my 2005 self.


2 thoughts on “And… scene!”

  1. Is it worth mentioning I would not have seen this post if not for that feed? 😉

  2. Ha. It certainly is. Glad to know it’s still active, despite my own lack of participation. One day I’ll figure out what this site is supposed to be again. Thanks for stopping by!

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